Brothers Ya’koob and Humble Abdul found hip hop in Los Angeles as children after relocating from Kuwait after the Iraq war.  Their time in the United States was not permanent but the experience made a lasting impression.. 

Sons of Yusuf are not just rappers. They are artists, craftsman and ambassadors of the Arab culture. They are on a mission to show the world that we are all the same despite our superficial differences.  They are here to carry on the universal messages that have always been passed down through music and art.  They are fueled by what their efforts will do to inspire the next generation.

Their regional classic, “One Time” has permeated the Arabian airwaves for months and has caught the attention of tastemakers worldwide. This has afforded them the opportunity to work with some of the legendary artists that have inspired their work. 

2019 will bring the debut album of Sons of Yusuf and will feature collaborations with Jay Electronica, Talib Kweli, Cyhi the Prince and Shafiq Husayn.